SDC Car Booking

Dear all,

Welcome to SDC car booking calendar. Both SCO and direct projects’ staff should make car booking through this link.

SCO Office Manager will receive your booking and will reply for approval.

Please book at least one (1) day before.

Check with availability of SCO and GG/AH cars.

In case of need a car for less than one hour or in case of emergency, you can ask the driver directly to give you a ride in case the driver is available.  If there is no car available you need use another mean of transport (bus, taxi). The cost will be reimbursed by SDC.

If you have any questions, please contact with SDC Office Manager. +976 99171166

Thank you

Toyota Land Cruiser
(SCO) DK 9996

Toyota Land Cruiser
(SCO) DK 9981

Toyota Land Cruiser
(GG/AH) DK 9994